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Monday, May 4, 2015

Dance Competition

Adrienne and Livy had a dance competition recently.  It was the first time I’ve seen most of their dances.  The theme is Motown this year, it’s so good music line up!  It never gets old watching these two!



Livy is looking so old these days!  I didn’t get many pictures of Adrienne because I was busy videotaping most of her dances! 



I always love seeing the whole company on stage.  Impressive.


The pictures above were from rehearsal, as you’re not allowed to take any photos during the actual competition. 

Sof and Allie wanted to go see the dancing, so I took them with me.  They were so excited and cute!


The dancing was of course great, and they did very well.  We don’t normally compete, we’re more a performance training group, but when we do we always place well.


Disclaimer…those aren’t her awards, lol.


We love supporting our performers!

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  1. Truly this was such an amazing post!! You daughter is very talented. I would love to watch her dance videos. Could you please share some dance videos. Well dear, I am also going to attend some dance shows at a domestic Los Angeles event venues. Feeling so excited!