"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Monday, May 11, 2015



We had some beautiful weather in April.  IMG_4262

Mrs. Winters had a birthday and Sof wanted to bring her a present.  She made a card, and put 25 cents and a littlest pet shop elephant in a Pandora bag.  I debated on whether to warn Barb that her gift was in a deceiving bag!  Sof was so excited though!

She got to crack an egg during cooking that day at school too.  That was a big deal!


Speaking of baking, Lexi had “cooking” class with Sof and Allie after school one day.


It was so cute how the girls followed her directions:)


The weather inspires ice cream stops with friends after school.


I love sun in the morning, this sunshiny girl, and no coats with cute spring clothes.



Spring picture day…she loves this dress.  She wants to wear it everyday!  Lucky for her it was warm enough on picture day!



It was overall a beautiful month, but we had a handful of rainy, and even snowy, days!





Random messing around with yoga poses…


Sof had a camping event with her Daisy troop.  When we signed up the troop leader informed me that I didn’t have to buy the vest, but that only 4 out of the 24 hadn’t.  I obviously declined.  There is only 5 meetings this year, and then it’s over.  If the schedule works and we can participate next year, I will buy the vest.  I just can’t see buying it for 5 meetings.  I believe all the other mother’s caved, so we’re the only ones.  I’m not really the caving type though, so Sof might as well get used it!



We celebrated Kaitlyn’s 9th birthday with dinner out.  Olivia had to leave early for dance, but she was there!IMG_4628IMG_4630IMG_4638

A few days later I took her and Lexi to see Annie at a local theater.  One of my former students was performing in it.


We had to do dinner first of course!


Adrienne got to play Elsa again for a special Frozen themed camp at the studio.



Mark’s Aunt Monnie and Uncle Jack were in town from Florida, and we were able to see them for dinner one night.  They are really amazing, still traveling even though Uncle Jack is over 90!


Sof won some glow in the dark bubbles at her school’s “Daddy and Me” bingo night.   


Finally, on April 27, little Paige decided to enter the world.  She’s darling and smushy and I wish I could kiss her face off.


New life is all sorts of wonderful.

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