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Monday, February 9, 2015

Klimek Christmas

The first event of the new year is often a Christmas party.  It just seems to work with everyone’s schedules, so the after Christmas Christmas party it is.  It was Aunt Sally and Uncle Erik’s turn to host, and they are seriously pro’s.  I just don’t have that in me.  By that I mean the every little detail attended too.  Or any detail attended to for that matter.  The funny thing is I actually entertain quite a bit.  Luckily, I set the bar low from the beginning so nobody expects that from me.  However, because I don’t do the details well, I really recognize and appreciate when someone does.  And my Aunt Sally and Uncle Erik are the best at it.


They surprised us with an Indonesian meal.  I had it many times growing up with them, but it’s been awhile since they made it for our group.  It’s unbelievable food and we were so excited!  Even Sof loved dipping her meat in the peanut butter sauce!


In every detail they think of the kids.  The dessert was no exception.


Sof dun lost her mind when she saw the chocolate fountain.


The grandma’s did gifts for the kids.

  IMG_3163IMG_3165Then it was game time.  We always play LCR.  It’s a favorite for everyone! 

IMG_3192Aunt Sally and Uncle Erik had a game for the kids.  They got to choose 4 circles to punch through, and they there was a prize behind each one.  So much fun especially for the little girls that aren’t really old enough to understand the other games!


The last game involved an envelope for each person.  Aunt sally read a story, and every time she said the word right or left you have to pass the envelope that way.  Whatever envelope you have at the end of the story is yours.  Each envelope has lottery tickets in it!


The little girls wanted to do a show for us.  They had been practicing songs all night.  It was sweet and darling.  Until Sof broke out with her rendition of “Wheels on the Bus”.  All was well until she got to “the daddy’s on the bus go drink, drink, drink…”.  IMG_3190  I admit she picked it up from me.  A few nights before her and Natty were singing it.  I turned to my sister and said, “The daddy’s aren’t on the bus with the babies!  The babies are at home with the mommies while the daddies are out at the bar.  That’s why they’re on the bus!  They’ve been drink, drink, drinking!”.  Moral of the story…little ears are always listening.  Three days into the new year and already lost my chances for mom of the year.  Shit.  Oh well, maybe 2016 will be my year.      

The whole thing gave us a good laugh to end the evening with.  Another year of memories logged. 


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  1. Great post!!!! I laughed at Sof's version of that song :D And by the way, what an absolutley gorgeous tree....kind of makes me think that coloured xmas tree lights are be far the best!!! Belated Happy New Year to you all!!!