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Sunday, November 9, 2014



We’re not big on pumpkin carving at our house, but the mommy guilt always gets to me and I feel like we have to do it.  So after a week of them rolling around in my trunk, I finally brought the pumpkins in the night before Halloween to carve.  Sof hates it.  Wants nothing to do with touching the insides. 


She was willing to use a spoon  for awhile, but eventually she becomes a boss spectator to daddy doing it.



Lexi likes cleaning it out , but prefers daddy to do the carving.



I didn’t get a picture of either of them done because I’m awesome like that.  I assure you though, there were two fully carved and lit pumpkins on our doorstep Halloween night further proving to our neighbors that I rock this holiday shit stuff.

Sof’s kindergarten doesn’t do a traditional Halloween party.  Instead, they have all the kids dress up as nursery rhyme characters to celebrate the end of their rhyme unit.  Sof looked adorable as Little Bo Peep!


Lucky for us Aunt Anne can sew and made us an official looking Little Bo Peep hat!



Barb dressed as Little Bo Peep too!



IMG_1962 IMG_1970

In talking about the weather for Halloween night, I actually said out loud several times, “It can’t be worse than last year”.  Apparently God/Mother Nature/Al Gore took that as a challenge because not only was it worse…IT WAS WAAAYY WORSE!  The precipitation came down as snow accompanied by winds that turned umbrellas inside out.  Sof declared she didn’t want to wear either of her costumes.  I didn’t give a rat’s patooty because there was no point.  This year EVERYONE was dressed as a skier.  We were lucky to have a cute hat and went as a panda bear. 

IMG_1975  Lexi and Rachel were determined to make it the entire night, and did pretty well.


Mark and I walked with Sof and her buddy Allie.  To be clear, these pictures are before the snow started flying and before we had to come home and put an extra layer on Sof’s legs.


Adrienne had the best job handing out candy. 



On one of my stops home she said some of the trick or treaters were rude.  I didn’t believe her until I heard a little voice outside the door yell “Hurry up”.  How I wish I had a rootbeer Dum Dum sucker to give him.  Oh well, banana Laffy Taffy is just as bad. 

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