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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Best e-card I’ve seen lately says, “August is like one long Sunday to teachers”.  You know when Monday comes, and all of the sudden the weekend seems eons ago?  That is how I’m feeling about August.  Like it was in a different lifetime.  As I sift through the pictures, we had really great times.  I just don’t feel inspired to write about all of them.  I have so many feelings about the beginning of school that I want to share, but my OCD will not allow me to move on to that until I’ve chronologically documented everything else.  Which brings me to the reason I’m telling you this, because I’m about to dump a whole lotta pictures in here with little to no explanation.  I will tell you our month consisted of the following:

  • Kids doing can drive to help Grace and Ryan with their medical bills
  • A weekend babysitting Alexander and Graeme(boys!!  in our house!)
  • St. Mary’s fair for dance performance
  • Lunch with my teacher girls
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Night out at the comedy club with all our favorite seniors
  • Lexi going up north with her friends
  • Adrienne going to the One Direction concert(twice)
  • Celebrating Grace’s finish with chemo
  • Adrienne at ballet intensive
  • Dance Dynamic’s annual Family Fun Potluck
  • Eminem/Rihanna concert with Adrienne and Jordyn
  • Walled Lake Market Day
  • A visit from the fam
  • Staff retreat fun
  • Rainbow loom
  • Adrienne working princess ballet camp
  • Nail day in preparation for school
  • A boat day and a picnic at Ellen’s for the last of August












You may notice there are several pictures of Sof sleeping, thumb in mouth, blanky in hand.  A little foreshadowing to the following weeks where I get real sentimental about my baby going to Kindergarten;)

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