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Sunday, March 23, 2014

My New 12 Year Old

Lexi turned 12 this week. It suits her well.


In this past year she’s started showering daily, knows how to use a straightener, and sprays herself with some sort of perfume daily.  She has learned to study for tests and look ahead at her schedule to make sure she gets everything done.  She is blossoming into such a beautiful, responsible young lady. 

We sang to her Monday night at Sof’s gotcha day celebration.  A little pre-birthday dessert with the cousins.


Tuesday was her real birthday, and dinner of choice.  She of course wanted Cherry Blossom.  I’m so happy that’s her favorite restaurant cause’ I love it too!


She had a couple gifts to open, one being a pair of Steve Madden combat boots.  They ended up being too big.  We were right across from the mall, so we decided to go over there and exchange them.  While there, we gave her the choice of anything in the mall for dessert.  No surprise what she picked…


Lexi the sugar addict! 

She has made a very nice group of friends at school this year.  It was one of my biggest wishes for her, and I’m so pleased with who she’s surrounded herself with.  They decorated her locker for her birthday!


On Friday we had them all over for a birthday celebration.  We started the night at Melting Pot for dessert.


Adrienne came to keep me company:)



They brought her a plate with her own candle and everything!


In a risky move, we planned to go to Skyzone after filling their bellies with chocolate.  Lucky for me, no one puked, and everyone had a great time!







We got back to our house around 11:45, and the girls were actually tired from all that jumping!  Lexi had some gifts to open, and they got settled for bed.


I was told in the morning that 2 of them made to the end of Frozen, but the other 3 fell asleep! 

Lexi’s friends are just like her.  Sweet, thoughtful, polite, and kind to each other.  I hope they can stick together throughout their schooling careers.

Happy Birthday Lexi!  You bring such light to our lives.  You are always thinking of others, and always go out of your way to help our family.  We always know how much you love us through your actions.  I’m so proud of how hard you’ve worked at school this year.  You are such a smart, kind, and beautiful soul.  We love you so much!  

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