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Monday, March 17, 2014

Gotcha Day

Today we celebrated Sof’s 3rd Gotcha day.  She doesn’t care yet what it means, she only knows it’s a celebration day for her!  Monday is usually my day off, but because of all the snow days I needed to work this morning.  That was just fine with Sof because she got to bring treats to school!



Her teacher prompted her to tell the kids what “Gotcha Day” is(we talked about it several times over the last few days).  Sof said, “When I was a baby in Russia”.  Her teacher again prompted her to tell more.  She said, “Babies cried a lot”.  Her teacher explained it and she passed out her treats.  Safe to say she doesn’t quite get it yet. 

I picked her up before nap and we spent an hour at Chuck E. Cheese.  She loves it, and it gave us a little time just the two of us. 


Lucky for me I had a bribe to get her out of there!  She’s been obsessed with watching You Tube videos of “surprise eggs”.  With Easter around the corner there has been similar versions in the stores that she’s been eyeing.  I bought one yesterday and told her she could have it as soon as we got home:)


Monday night is dance, so we can’t skip that!  We made a plan to have everyone at our house for dessert right after dance.  Sof was over the moon excited for her presents and singing!  Right as we got home the doorbell rang.  It was flowers from Grandma Linda(who happens to share a birthday with Sof’s Gotcha day and St. Patrick’s day)!

P3174755  That started off the opening, and we couldn’t hold her off any longer!



She was so excited to get Littlest Pet Shop toys!  She’s been wanting them for awhile!  Her and Kaitlyn didn’t waste anytime getting to playing with them!


Finally, it was time to sing.  She loves this more than anything! 



Three years later it still feels amazing to think of how she came to us.  All the paperwork, the waiting, the money, the travel, and the unknowns.  The eyes that made you wonder if she’d ever really be “right”. 

St. Pete Trip 3 103

Love and time was all she ever needed.  Low and behold, we gave it to her, and found on the other end of it we were the ones who were blessed. 

P3174762  We couldn’t love you more sweet baby girl.

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