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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rah Rah

Lexi had her first cheer competition this weekend.  So cute, and I love the cheer world.  I’ve done the dance mom thing for 13 years, and I have 3 more to go, but it’s fun to explore a new world.  Competition cheer is a lot like dance.  “Dress” practice the night before, which was good for hair and make up practice.

IMG_7644  IMG_7645

IMG_7646  IMG_7647

It was an early foggy morning with an hour drive to get there.


Once we made it there we were fired up!  No nerves for Lexi, just excitement!


Unlike Lexi, our neighbor friend was on the verge of puking from nerves:(  Poor thing!




The awesome thing about cheer compared to dance(although I was told not all competitions are like this) is that you can take pictures and video, and there is a special viewing area up front for the team that is on. 



My beautiful girl remembered to keep her smile through the whole routine!


   P1104536  P1104537


They hit all their stunts and looked awesome!

After the routine they change into their spirit wear for awards and Then watch the other teams.


There was a special needs team there that stole the show.  The crowd went wild for them, and they totally deserved it!


Once Lexi found out they sell soft pretzels she was sold on cheerleading forever.



Finally it was time for awards!  They won first place and got a trophy and a medal.  Great way to start off the year!


The most important thing is that Lexi had fun!  She loves her coaches and teammates!


I love that we found a sport(and trust me, it’s a sport, some of the things the older teams do is CRAZY!)that requires everyone to wear a bow.  Now come on, what more could you want as a mother???

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