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Monday, June 17, 2013

School’s Out For Summer

I had one hour between checking out at school, and having to pick Sof up and join the other kids at home.  Of course I chose to go to Target and browse around leisurely.  One hour…no students, no kids.  I was in the woman’s clothing when they found me.  Two screaming, running, school age boys with a mother half heartedly telling them a gazillion times to settle down.  It was bound to happen, and it did.  The mother and I found ourselves across the rack from each other and our eyes met for a split second.  I blurted out, “There are two teachers that are so happy right now.”  She was so stunned she just looked at me as I turned on my heel and walked away. 

I love having the summers off.  If only my kids could go to school.  So far my kids have been brats.  Go ahead, call social services.  I already did…they won’t take them.  Funny thing is my kids really are usually quite enjoyable.  But that’s when we’re busy.  See, there’s this odd adjustment period where we have to learn how to be home, together.  There has been bickering, whining, complaining, and begging for friends and activities.  They don’t know what to do with themselves.  It’s been 3 days.

This morning if you were at my house you would have witnessed a conversation that ended with, “WE DON’T PUT SUNSCREEN ON THE CAT!” 

We made our first maiden voyage to the lake.  Not the cottage lake(because we don’t own that anymore), but the new lake that we have our boat docked at.  It started out okay.  Lots of room to run and explore.  Everyone feeling light with lack of responsibilities.

4    Then we got on the boat together.  It wasn’t quite warm enough to be in the water, so mostly we hung out on the boat together.


Awwww, looks so fun huh?  That was about the time I was thinking of drowning myself.  You’d have to have been there to appreciate the misery.  It was the first trip out, we’ll get better at it next time.

Adrienne is back to dance this week, M-F 10-3.  Sof is going to school two days, and we have some fun things planned in between.  I can already tell this is going to go better. 

The excitement of the new house is giving everyone a focus.  We close in two weeks, so it’s close enough to start talking about decorating and plans. 

The biggest plus so far to summer?  I can go for a run 4 hours later then what I would have to on a work morning. 


I just need to make sure the cat goes out while I’m gone. 

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  1. AMESOME!!!That sounds like something I would say, which is why I no longer shop at Ross!