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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ending or Beginning?

In every chapter there is a last word.  It usually doesn’t come to the end of the page.  There is generally a white space at the bottom, and turning the page is the only way to get to the next word.  That’s where we are.  In that space between the last word of this chapter and the first word of the next.  We’ve wrapped a lot of things up these last few weeks.  Big milestones made bigger by the fact that with moving comes leaving many of the people that we’ve become comfortable with in life. 

The last two weeks have been all about the kids’ school.  Lexi had her last field day.  She’s following in her big sister’s footsteps and blinging everything!  I’m pretty sure she had the best shirt ever worn for field day!



2  5

Adrienne had her last choir concert, and said good bye to Mr. Danner, who has been her vocal music teacher for 3 years now.


We couldn’t be more proud of all she’s accomplished in her middle school career.  One of her teachers took the time in these busy last days to sit down and write us an email.  She wrote three paragraphs of kind words that any adult would be honored to get.  To have some one write these things about you as an 8th grader is truly amazing.  I agree with her teacher, Adrienne is outstanding young lady.

She earned 3 awards at the honor’s ceremony: honor roll, citizenship, and Presidential award. 



After the ceremony we were able to go out to brunch with some of her friends.


After eating the girls went next door to get their nails done as the 8th grade farewell dance was the next night.  We had 10 girls getting ready at our house, and you would have thought it was prom!  It was a really fun time for Adrienne.  She gives up many of these school friend events for dance, so it was fun see her be a regular kid!  Although, there were no kids in my eighth grade that looked like these girls!


Choosing the outfit was drama!  Everyone was wearing a dress, and they of course wanted her to wear one to!  She decided she rocked her high waisted pants and tank(which she sooooo did), and she didn’t cave!  She looked amazing!


There’s just four friends left in the group from elementary school.  After 9 years together, they will miss each other when they go their separate ways next year:(


There were so many kids taking pictures, I think they could have skipped the dance and hung out at the fountain.



Once I dropped Adrienne and her friends off at the dance, it was on to my next mommy job.  Lexi’s 5th grade graduation was first thing the next morning and I was a chairperson.  We had lots of decorating and loose ends to tie up that night.  The theme was based off the song “Hall Of Fame”.  If you haven’t heard it, look it up.  The lyrics are awesome!


What can I even say about this?  My second born baby’s last day of elementary school.  I have spent the last 9 years taking a child to that school.  Sof won’t go there, so it’s even more bittersweet.  Honestly, I was surprisingly okay with it.  I cried some tears, who doesn’t when it comes to the baby picture slideshow?  Lexi is ready though.  I am excited to see her take this next step.  She’s just recently become very social, and I think middle school will allow her many opportunities to spread her wings.  I think she will welcome the challenge and rise to the occasion.   


The principal, Ms. Day, did the introductions.


The best media specialist EVER, Mr. Shaw, was the special guest speaker.  Wait, I mean Johnny Appleseed was the speaker;)


Lexi’s teacher Mrs. Rohde handed out her diploma.


Congratulations Lexi!


The cocoon of elementary school is now gone, and it’s time to move on.  As I watched her with her friends I could tell they’re all ready!




Dream big baby, you can do so much more than you know.  Daddy and I think you’re awesome!


I was never so happy to be part time as I was in these last 3 days.  Teaching is a great job if you have to be a working mom.  The only problem is there is no flexibility.  Without my partner to cover me I would never have been able to be at all these events in the last 3 days of school.  I would have missed Lexi’s graduation on the last day, because I would not have been allowed to take that time off.  I’ll always be thankful to have had that day with her.  I did get back to my school for the last hour to say good bye to my kinder kiddos and wave the busses off.  I did a little bit of work and then snuck back out to meet Lexi and her friends at the graduation celebration at “Paradise Park”. 


Lexi can scale that rock wall in no time flat, and she was so happy to find out that she is indeed tall enough this year to drive a go-cart!  Poor Savannah didn’t make the height requirement:(



Just in case there were a few tears I hadn’t cried, that night she also had her Girl Scout fly up ceremony!  Another good bye!



Girl Scouts was another great part of her elementary school career.  So many great adventures with these girls!  I loved GS, even though I’m hands down the worst GS mom.  I couldn’t find the sash if my life depended on it, and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because I think there may be 2 patches that I actually put on it!  Mommy fail…oh well:)

Sof had her own milestone this week.  She moved up to the pre-K room in her school.  Even Sof is defying my request to stop time!


Also this month my niece by heart graduated from high school, and had her graduation party.


She’s off to U of M in the fall, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  It’s a crazy thing, this passage of time.  I embrace it, even like the fact that some of the tough stuff is done.  Yet it’s unbelievable sometimes that it’s gone that fast.  I swear Nan and I were just teenagers, and now we have these beautiful teen daughters!


What a wonderful celebration of a wonderful girl with a whole life of wonderful and tough stuff ahead of her.





It feels like this has been a month of endings.  Right now we’re in that white space.  We’ve had the last word on quite a few things, and soon we’ll turn the page.  In front of us are many new beginnings.  New house, new schools, new friends, and new adventures.  So, beginning or end?  Depends on how you look at it…  

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  1. your right, so many changes a comin your way...
    the girls look great and I'm with ya on how they all look in the dance picture. Love keepin up with all your doing.

    p.s., I'm going to Traverse City the end of July, is that anywhere close to you?