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Sunday, May 1, 2011

She's a Culley Girl

Adrienne had a charity dance compeptition this weekend. It's the only competition our studio does, otherwise we are performance based. The kids earned around $2,000.00 to be split between a local food pantry and one of our former dancers who was recently paralyzed in a car accident. Tragic story, and such motivation for our kids. They wanted nothing more then to do well to bring home the money for their charities. They even agreed to give back the trophies in exchange for more cash. No other studio came even close to ours, we cleaned house! So proud of the kids! Competition is an ALL day event. Started at 7:00 am and ended at 9:45pm. I didn't want to leave Sof for that long, but I certainly didn't want to her with me that long either! So, she stayed home with Mark and Lexi in the morning and for nap, then I came home and got her around 6. She had the perfect outfit in her closet for the event, and let me tell you she was a hit! So, back to the title...Culley girls like bows, shoes, Starbucks, and cell phones.

Ahhhhh yeah...she's a Culley girl:)

Culley girls love it even more when you can combine all that with helping a great cause.


  1. Love it. What a great way to help others in need.

  2. Oh.My.Gosh...........how stinking cute!!!!!!! (BTW I did it again...."Chad look, we need a girl!") What an honorable group of young ladies too!!!