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Friday, May 6, 2011


One of the concerns I have had about Sofie is her reaction to dolls and stuffed animals. When we visited her in the baby home, I brought a doll. She had no interest in it, and seemed to have no idea what to do with the bottle that went with her. In preparing her room I decided to put all the "house" stuff in there so we could spend time role playing. When we got home she went a step farther and showed a real fear of the dolls and stuffed animals. I left them in her room, but didn't push the subject. One day, I put one of Sof's shoes on a baby that sits in a high chair by her closet. She thought this was funny and continued to do it. Over time we began to feed the baby, put socks and shoes on, and even brush the baby's hair(which there is none of!). She flips out if I attempt to take the baby out of the high chair, but nevertheless I have been happy with that progress! This week Alexa had a birthday party at Build a Bear. She came home with a new bear and a stroller. Sof was totally interested, so Lexi went and got her a bear and a stroller. She has been "taking care" of her bear ever since! She pushes him around in the stroller and will even stop and take him out. She will say boo-boo and bring him to me for a kiss. Today she did the absolute cutest! She put the bear in her chair, put her bib on him, and fed him her banana! Sooooo cute! It is relief to see her learning to be a little Momma, and thinking about the needs of something else. This is something you never think about with biological kids. They grow up with role models and naturally know how to play with babies. Both my big girls just knew to pick up the baby, pat it's back, and feed it. I'm so excited that Sof is learning this too. It's an important piece of developement to learn to care for someone else and to imaginary play. One more concern I had that I can check off the list!:) Now I'm just waiting for the day she puts her bear in time out...she's spent plenty of time there!

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