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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Dresses

Scheduling anything with all three girls is very difficult these days.  One might say that’s a sign we’re overscheduled, and maybe that’s true.  However, extra curricular activities have been a positive part of my children’s lives and I feel strongly about them.  All of this is to say it’s hard to fit everything in, and when it all works out it feels like a win.  We struggled with fitting dress shopping with Sal in this year, so we decided to do it Thanksgiving weekend even though that’s a little early for our liking.  The minute we got there, any frustrations of scheduling faded away, and it was another perfect, successful day. 

Sal wanted a Christmas tree this year, so we hit the tree lot first!  It was a mild day weather wise, and Sof had a blast running around the lot!


After that we decided to grab some lunch/dinner at Buddy’s Pizza. 


Finally, the actual dress shopping was about to commence.  We went to the regular mall first.  Earlier in the month I had been shopping and came across a dress that seemed perfect for Lexi!  It’s difficult to fit her long and lean body, so I couldn’t pass up this dress that could be perfect.  Sure enough, when she tried it on it fit like a glove and she loved it!  Sal is so understanding, and all about the girls being happy.  She was thrilled Lexi had the perfect dress regardless of when/how she got it!  She immediately offered to either pay for the dress or buy shoes to go with it!   After we had found Adrienne and Sof’s dresses, we headed to the outdoor mall for a Starbucks, some atmosphere, and some shoe stores! 



This was as happy a day as it looks:)  And successful!  Adrienne and Sof both got perfect dresses and Lexi got some kick ass shoes to go with hers! 


Lexi has some pretty high heels, but still, she’s catching up to Adrienne fast! 


We all love everything about our day with Sal.  We will always look forward to it and make it work!  Even when Adrienne is in college next year…Surprised smile


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