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Monday, April 7, 2014

Why is everyone born in March?

If birthdays in our family were math, then March would be the mean, median, and the mode.  Mean: The average month one has a birthday in our family is March.  Median: If you line all the birthdays up, the one in the middle would be in March.  Mode: The highest occurrence of birthdays happen in March.  For the record, I did not actually do the math on this, so it could be completely false.  Point is we have enough birthdays in March to double the monthly budget. 


To be fair, we have some early April ones that get lumped in there too.  Like Grandpa Culley’s…


We celebrated at our house with dinner, gifts, and dessert.  The big birthday girls including the little non birthday girls in opening presents, so everyone is happy.





It was a quick opening, because these girls have figured out quality over quantity.  Livy got her new iTouch and Lexi got an iPad of her own. 



Lexi worked for days on a gift for Grandma Linda and Papa Curt.  She collected their favorite candy(Mentos) and put together an elaborate card for them. She loves to give.



Our two little girls sure love dessert.  Not that the others don’t, but I think the only time you’ll ever find both Sof and Nat sitting still, not whining, not asking for anything, and not making any messes is when they’re eating dessert.



Oh yeah, Adrienne was there too.  The elusive “don’t take my picture” teen.



Every event we have Grandma Jackie at is a blessing.  Hopefully now that the weather is getting better we’ll see more of her.


Happy March Birthdays crew!


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