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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Touchdown! Wait…Homerun.


So we went to a sporting event.  So not us.  It was a beautiful night though, and we spent it in a beautiful stadium with beautiful friends.  Actually, the kids have been asking us for awhile to go to a game.  So, when our friends who are family came up with the idea, we jumped on it!  We all loaded up in Mark’s work van and headed downtown.  First stop…Mexican Town!


Yum.  That’s all I got to say about that!

We parked offsite and took the people mover to the stadium.  Sof called it the “train”, and asked first thing the next morning if she could go ride it again.



We did the obligatory picture in front of the Tiger.  Basically if you don’t take one these you weren’t really there.



Our seats were literally the last row.  Little known secret…that’s a great place to be!  It’s covered from the sun, there’s a nice breeze, and you don’t have people constantly walking by you.  Although, you should prepare for less oxygen at that elevation, and a nice workout getting there.




It was a long, fun day.  The kids were troopers, and still giggling on the way home!


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