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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Big Move

Fourth of July was the weekend before the move.  As we drove to the boat Mark and I looked at each other with the same thought.  Every single thing we did that weekend was just an attempt to pass the minutes to get closer to the closing day on the house.  We did manage to have some fun(and keep kids happy) in spite of our wandering minds. 

Come to find out several neighboring lakes do their fireworks on the same night.  From our lake you can see them all.  At first this sounded like one of those “Dad has a great idea which is really going to be stupid but we have to humor him” kinda moments.


Look how happy everyone is.

Thankfully for the dad figure it turned out to be true.  We could see about 4 different sets of fireworks at the same time.  After Mark yelled “Turn your lights off A*****E” to the boat next to us, we enjoyed watching them.  I had to add that because when it happened the whole boat was laughing about the fact that that part of the evening wouldn’t make the blog.  It did, so there.  Keepin’ it real. 

We went out twice that weekend for swimming and knee boarding, bringing cousins and friends each time.





We spent the 4th of July evening at a party where the kids got to see more fireworks.



Finally Monday morning came, we signed all the papers, and the house became ours. 


Let the packing frenzy begin!  My sweet friend Beth came over one day and packed our whole kitchen.  Added side effect was some much needed Sof time!



We. Have. So. Much. Shit Stuff. 


We closed on Monday, and the moving truck came Thursday.  That left a few days for us to slowly bring some boxes over and put a few breakables away. 

We still required two full trucks on moving day.  Sof went to school(for all the obvious reasons) and we snapped one last pic of her in front of the house.


The poor movers worked non-stop(literally) from 9am-8pm.  I seriously don’t know how they do it!


That’s my basket of dirty laundry sitting on the sidewalk.  Why you ask?  I have absolutely no idea.



When we got to the new house and poor Scratches was very confused.  She wouldn’t come out of Lexi’s closet, and wouldn’t eat or go outside either! 

There was a ton boxes unloaded and furniture put together.




Sof had a good cry before bed and begged to go “home”.  She slept through the night but the first words out of her mouth in the morning were, “After school can we go home?” 


The next day was Friday and the start of Mark’s birthday weekend.  We can’t pass up a chance to enjoy a Friday, so in between projects and unpacking we also had dinner and cake with the usual crew plus some!





We spent the rest of the weekend exploring our new territory.  We already love the pool!


Our new grocery store has a Starbucks.  Points for that!





Mark’s real b-day came and the girls had a card and present for him. 


The real gift was he got to work in his garage most the day!


Scratches disappeared for a whole 24 hours, and everyone feared the worse.  Mark and Lexi drove around calling her(because she actually comes to her name).  No luck.  Then out of the blue she showed back up and it was a happy reunion!



A few weeks later everyone is settled in.  Most of the boxes are unpacked, but the walls are still bare.  Landscape is still being worked on, but for all practical purposes it feels like home.


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  1. ahhh it is a beautiful house, I love the kitchen with the darker wood. I'm so glad we got to get together and our cuties got to be together. Ava wants to go play with her friend Sofia you know the one who has her own show (sofia the 1st).