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Monday, October 8, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Last week we were enjoying the little pleasures in life.  Loving the opportunity to squeeze some quality times into our crazy busy schedule. 


Grandma Linda and Papa Curt came for a mid-week visit.  We managed to squeeze in hellos, hugs, a couple books, a dinner out, and good byes, all in an already full weekday night!

Thursday brought us sunshine and warm breezes.  A trip to the park was a must being that the following days were threatening a much colder, wetter version of fall.




Love my kids.  Really love going out without them.  It was a logistical nightmare, but what 2 mama’s(me and my sis) won’t go through for the opportunity to eat and drink uninterrupted with adult conversation.  We almost gave up, but we persevered and got a Friday night break:)


Saturday we hung by the campfire at Barb and Jeff’s campsite.  I. Don’t. Camp.  I don’t go near campgrounds.  I don’t play pretend camping with my kids.  I don’t even think about camping.  Never.  Ever.



I will admit I do like sitting around the campfire, as long as I know I’m going home to my bed.  For the record, for all you die hard campers, yes, I have tried it before.  It’s not for me.  So don’t even try to tell me it is.


So what could top off a week like that?  A trip to the cider mill of course!  After church on Sunday we bolted there to squeeze it in before rain.  We barely made it as the first raindrops fell as we threw away our cider cups and donut napkins.  before that it was 2 hours of pure fun and play!


PA076198  PA076201



 PA076208  PA076209



This wheel was totally awesome.  I think it would be cheaper than a tread mill.  I’m going to look into it.  Plus I’m pretty sure we could make our kids take turns generating all the electricity for our house on it.




The corn maze.  We felt pressure to do it.  We ended up going back out the way we came.  We (I) wanted our donuts.  We went in and we came out.  I’m calling it a success.  Isn’t that what the object is?  To get out?  See, we did it, kinda…



We’re enjoying the simple pleasures of cooler weather.  I have already started thinking about Starbuck’s red cups.  So many things I love about the coming months!


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